Ever since Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and the Brisbane City Council released the planning incentives for retirement living and aged care facilities last year, more developers are being attracted to build facilities in the inner-ring suburbs. Currently, the biggest retirement project in Brisbane is being proposed to be built in Taringa. However, it recently encountered a hiccup.

Tricare has proposed a three-tower project at 52 Seven Oaks Street. The project has received negative feedback from residents, primarily because it doesn’t seem to comply with the zoning requirements in the area. The developer has also refused to reduce the height of their high-rise buildings, prompting the council to knock back the project to the proponents.

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Residents have been actively protesting against the proposal and have held a well organised campaign named Project Taringa against it. In fact, a meeting was held at Perrin Park in Toowong about their campaign recently.

Aside from that, the council has received 868 submissions of various reasons why they don’t want the development to push-thru citing traffic congestion, the removal of trees and the height of the buildings that is inconsistent with the local area.

Cr Julian Simmonds also made it clear that the council remains supportive of aged care development but they expect the developers to still abide by City Plan.

The council made things very clear to the developer when they released their feedback last August. They said that they do not support the 16-storey buildings that Tricare plans to build. However, the developer has not submitted any revised plans, so far.