There seems to be a growing number of missing pets in Brisbane, specifically in Taringa. The number of posts on the Queensland Lost Pet Register Facebook page is growing, which is quite alarming. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your pets stay safe at home.


Fences Should Be High & Strong Enough

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Keeping your dogs in a fenced garden is one thing, but how high is the fence? Some dogs can jump over the fence, whilst others are simply strong enough to mow it down. Your fences should be high enough, making it impossible for your pets to jump over. There should also be no gaps that your pets could squeeze through.



Always Keep their Collar On

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Never remove your pet’s collar. When you’re out with your pet, make sure that the collar fits snugly so it won’t slip away. Always having their collar on can make it easier for them to trace if ever they slip or run away.



Give Them Attention

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Your pets should regularly given lots of attention. And make sure that you take them out for a walk or for a run. Your pets need exercise, too! This also helps prevent them from being lonely or bored. Lack of attention could be one of the reasons why a dog runs away, so make sure that you give your pets the TLC it needs every single day.


Take Photos

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Just in case they go missing, you should always have a recent photo of your pet. You can use the photo for the lost pet posters and to inform vets.

In case you lose your pet, the best thing to do is to report it immediately to Brisbane City Council’s Lost and Found animals. You can also visit two animal rehoming centres: Warra Animal Rehoming Centre at Bracken Ridge and Willawong Animal Rehoming Centre, to see if he is there..

Remember, though, that registered animals, except livestock, will be held at the rehoming centres for only five days. Exceeding that, they will have the pet up for adoption or euthanasia. The same rule applies to unregistered animals whilst unclaimed livestock may be sold. Note that there are fees upon claiming your pet at rehoming centres.

There are some pets who go missing for days, even weeks, and then they just turn up out of the blue. Don’t worry because most pets never run away. However, if your pet has a tendency to do so, just make sure that your house is well-secured to prevent your pet from slipping away.