In Brisbane, an unusual memorial can be found on Stanley Terrace in Taringa. The memorial comes in the form of a bench that honours the life of Pilot Officer Geoffrey Lloyd Wells.

The bench was built some time in August 1941 by the Wells Family. Mr Wells enlisted in Brisbane in the Australian Air Force but was shot down over the Netherlands on 17 August 1941.

The bench can be found in the corner of the Wells Family property, built as a memorial and for public use. Its rustic design is eye-catching, and its presence becomes dramatic as it is seen into the front garden wall that complements its rustic features.

There is a metal plaque on the centre that bears the details of Well’s death along with a quote from Winston Churchill, “Never has so much been owed by so many to so few.”

Adjacent to the jacaranda tree that provides shade, the location of the bench offers a picturesque place for pedestrians to sit on.