Several Taringa residents are asking the Brisbane City Council (BCC) to scrap the parking permit scheme in the suburb.

The parking permit scheme being questioned is part of the effort of the city council to provide parking to Brisbane residents in response to the city’s continued growth and economic expansion. As the city grows, many areas in the city start to have issues with residential parking spaces.

In Taringa, a residential parking permit area has been created to provide on-street parking to residents living near Moggill Road. Residents who are eligible may apply for a parking permit, which allows one resident and one visitor permit per household.

Scope of the Taringa parking permit. (Source: Brisbane City Council)

Too Limited?

While some residents are happy about the parking allocation, some are protesting its implementation. Taringa resident Angela Smith is leading an epetition on the BCC website to revoke the parking scheme. The petition describes the parking scheme as one of the most excessively restrictive in Brisbane.

Ms Smith enumerated the restrictions that are not attractive to the protestors. These include giving only one resident and one visitor permit per household. This is not acceptable to residents who own more than one car and need to rely on street parking.

Petitioners are also complaining about the two-hour restricted parking on the streets bounded by Stanley Tce, Harry’s Road, Woodstock Ave and Marmion Parade. Parking for more than two hours would result in a $91 fine. Builders and tradesmen are not eligible to use visitor permits, which means that they would need to move their vehicles every two hours.

The protestors are also questioning the council’s statement that 70% of the 113 property owners and residents they have consulted via a survey support the parking scheme. Petitioners assert that residents were not fully consulted sufficiently and that they were not aware of the extent of the restrictions.

On the other hand, there are residents who are satisfied with the parking scheme. To these residents, the BCC parking system is beneficial to them as they can now use the street to park.

Walter Taylor Councillor Julian Simmonds clarified that the scheme was implemented in response to lobbying efforts of the residents. He insists that the scheme has sufficient support from the community.
(Photo credit: CCO Public Domain / Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay)