In a bid to become a brighter and more vibrant destination for its visitors and residents, Taringa’s Neighbourhood Plan, originally released in May 2015, seems well underway.

Photo credit: Brisbane City Council

The Neighbourhood Plan details the following improvements to the suburb:

  • Development in Taringa Village
  • New development in the suburb’s core precinct by adding eight more storeys to be filled with restaurants, cafes, shops, even residential and commercial spaces
  • Up to 12 storeys to be built in the Gateway Precinct to provide better access to the railway station and improve pedestrian environment
  • New public plaza in Harrys Road East Precinct along with additional ten storeys of development focusing on residential and recreational spaces on its ground level
  • Improvements to Moggill Road corridor to improve traffic and improve access to Taringa Village



In 2010, the Taringa-Saint Lucia plan was proposed. However, due to concerns about infrastructure and flooding, the plan was put on hold and then revised, before finally being released in 2011. St. Lucia was removed from the plan and replaced with Brisbane Boys’ College and the surrounding properties. These changes reflect adaptations to the increasing demand for growth in Taringa.

In March 2017, the Taringa Neighbourhood Plan was made a part of the City Centre Neighbourhood Plan. The planned changes seem to be well-received among residents in the area. For instance, the improved pedestrian lane to the Taringa Railway Station has received positive feedback for making the area safer and more accessible to people.

Investors and local businesses are also happy with the planned improvements. Better railway access, for example, makes the suburb a desirable area for commuters.

Now all that Taringa residents have to do is wait for all the changes to come to life. Soon.

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