Couple Mark and Jitka live in a worker’s cottage in Taringa and finding the place small, they wanted to add another area in their backyard to have more room.

Photo credit: Christopher Frederick Jones / Design Boom

Originally, their plan was to make an extension of some sort by connecting new rooms to the back of their house. The couple wants to add another bedroom, an office, a dining room, and a bathroom to their place. However, they also want to preserve their backyard, for themselves and for their pet ducks. They also love their Pride of Bolivia Tree whose existence they don’t want to compromise with their desire to extend their home to the backyard. So, the only solution left would be to build some sort of a tree house to maintain their backyard and ensure that it will not take up too much space.

Luckily, the couple approached just the right person to make their vision come to life, architect Paul Hotston of Phorm Architecture. Having talked at the backyard about what they want, they were able to form the idea of a triangular tree house that will preserve necessary garden space as well as the branches of their beloved tree.

The house has three sides with two shorter sides aligned to back and side boundaries whilst its eye-catching long hypotenuse is perfectly aligned against the tree.

The first floor boasts of an indoor climbing wall that allows the couple to do some training at home and the sheltered veranda makes it perfect for entertaining. Just below the climbing wall, concealed by a removable plywood is a future kitchen.

Photo credit: Christopher Frederick Jones / Design Boom

The second floor has a bedroom, bathroom, and a study that perfectly fits within the triangular structure.

Photo credit: Christopher Frederick Jones / Design Boom

Quite a marvelous addition to the suburb, the tree house definitely proves that with creativity and a strong vision, everything is possible in home architecture today.